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Car Insurance

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Car Insurance Personal Service

Our Premium Motor Insurance Plan
Gives The Best Protection For Your Loved Car

Forgot To Renew Sometimes?

Do you feel like so many expiry dates to be remembered in our life? You’re so busy on your daily tasks and you could have missed out to check the expiry dates sometimes.

You are not alone.
More than 70% of our customers do not remember the expiry date. That’s why they find us to manage and reminds them.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone give you an advice?
Insurance is just a piece of paper and the value of insurance derives from the policy terms itself. Are you ready to accept the losses when you had bought a misleading insurance?

Make it simple
Our customers do not waste their time studying the insurance terms. We do the job for them and choose the best insurance from the market.

Spending too much money with car insurance and road tax?
You re looking for a more affordable car insurance? You feel like your existing agent is charging too much from you? You would like to try to purchase online yourself but afraid of making the wrong choice?
We Compare the Price for You
85% of our customers choose to renew back with us. Not only we have solved their problems, we also deliver the best car insurance with a more affordable price.


Taking too much time to handle your car insurance matters?

You’ve been trying to find out solution with your family and friends when you are solving an insurance claims? You wasted too much time to do the wrong things advised by the wrong person?

It doesn’t have to be that way
All our customers love our customer supports and leave the difficult tasks to us.

Chin Hock Agency helps you to
records, manage, compare and solve
your car insurance matters

We work for our clients’ benefit, not the insurance companies.
You’ll get the best car insurance services in the market.
So Much Better!


The benefits of using our services
Expiry date reminder
2 SMS reminders and 1 phone call reminders every year. Not going to missed up anymore.
Better insurance coverage 
We choose the best options out of 9 insurance companies by comparing pricing and benefits.
Services by a team
You will get different customer experience when you are served by a team rather than a single player.
Hassle free from claims
We can assist you to handle your insurance claims and simplify the process.

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